TaxView Express – Tax Accrual and Audit Solution

Our cloud-based software makes complicated sales and use tax calculations easy.

Even less complicated indirect tax issues are…well, complicated. Companies still need a way to accurately calculate sales and use tax on their purchases; otherwise they could overpay their obligation or be surprised by compliance issues and costly under payments found under audit. And, for smaller companies, over payments may be leaving money on the table that is sorely needed capital to grow the business.

Introducing TaxView Express

Ideally suited for small to medium-sized companies with complex indirect tax requirements, Express is an out-of-the-box solution that simplifies sales and use tax calculations as well as the monthly audit process.

LBMC offers this packaged solution built to be simple, accurate and cost effective.

Sales and use tax accuracy that goes straight to your bottom line.

Because it’s designed to be managed internally by a company’s tax team, TaxView Express is big on ease-of-use. Our streamlined rule-building and guided monthly accrual processes ensure your tax calculations are accurate and your filings are error-free.

TaxView Express Online Partner Demonstration

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  • Fully Hosted – Cloud-based software that doesn’t require significant IT support or any additional hardware
  • Smart Template – Standardized template helps you easily import transaction data from any source system
  • Express Manager – Proprietary technology that efficiently guides you from data import, through monthly audit and accrual preparations, to seeing your results
  • Report Viewer – More than 30 standard, one-click reports allow you to easily view all transactions and tax data in one place


  • Rules Structure – A multi-dimensional rule structure, with separate situsing and tax policy rules simplifies and improves tax accuracy
  • RuleBuilder – Proprietary technology that guides you through defining situsing and tax rules to ensure they achieve expected results
  • CCH Rates & Tax Content – TaxView Express utilizes CCH’s tax rates and content which are both updated on a monthly basis
  • Tri-level Tax Policy Rules – Flexible rules can be built using: GL Account, GL Account + Vendor, GL Account + Vendor + Line Description

Cost Effective

  • No Integration – Our simple import capability eliminates the need for costly programming to integrate to your financial systems
  • Fast & Easy Setup – You can be fully functional within 1 to 2 weeks (from the first data import)
  • Lower Cost of Ownership – Reasonable setup and ongoing fees are typically far less than all other software solutions
  • Refund Center – A unique, online process which allows you to build and track your own refund claims

Benefits of TaxView Express

Not only will you be in full control; you’ll…

  • Pay the right amount of tax each month!
  • Get money back from vendors
  • Keep up with tax law changes
  • Have a repeatable and documentable compliance process
  • Get fast time-to-savings – you’ll be up and running in weeks or days
  • Benefit from easy rule configuration as your business and tax rules evolve
  • Gain granular visibility into all of your transactions and the ability to review them quickly
  • Have confidence that accurate general ledger entries are generated for accruals
  • Receive access to TaxView support services, including Account Manager guidance (for a fee)
  • Eliminate the need for costly reverse audits once and for all

Key Capabilities

  • RuleBuilder
  • Express Manager
  • Zero Integration
  • Data Granularity
  • Tax Rate Content
  • STAAR (Synchronized Tax Attribute Assignment Routine)
  • Exception Alerts & Report Viewer
  • JE Writer
  • Electronic Invoice
  • Refund Center
  • TV Navigator Dashboard