FISMA Compliance

For federal agencies and the contractors that serve them, compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA) is a critical endeavor—and a complex and time-consuming one.

LBMC Information Security has been bringing federal contractors into FISMA compliance since its inception. With extensive experience securing the networks and data of government agencies and contractors, our team brings a holistic understanding of the risks these organizations face.

FISMA Compliance Services

LBMC Information Security provides a comprehensive range of services to keep federal agencies and their contractors compliant with FISMA requirements while providing a practical and relevant level of risk management.

System Security Plan (SSP)

We can help your team develop and maintain this comprehensive document that details your internal controls.

FISMA Risk Assessment

We provide the independent assessment of your control environment, which provides peace of mind to your internal and external stakeholders while maintaining FISMA compliance. Our penetration testing and vulnerability assessments identify and prioritize weaknesses through physical, logical and social testing techniques.


Our FISMA compliance reviews provide agency officials the confidence they need to sign off on security systems through accreditation.

Our recognized information security experts understand at a deep level how to maintain compliance with a range of complex security frameworks, from FISMA to HIPAA to Service Organization Controls reporting. As a result, we can perform a single assessment and produce multiple assurance reports in a cost-effective way.

Executive Team

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