In a recent article for techtalk titled, “Targeted Attacks or Untargeted Attacks—Which is Most Common?” Kayla Elliot explains the importance behind knowing the difference between targeted attacks and opportunistic attacks. While opportunistic (or “untargeted”) attacks are not focused on an organization, nor their specific information, they are more focused on vulnerabilities and computing power to conduct other types of attacks. In a targeted attack, your systems are not the objective, your data is, and you have something they want.

All companies are subject to opportunistic attacks, but do you know if you are subject to a targeted attack based on the data you generate or maintain? In this podcast, LBMC Information Security’s Bill Dean addresses this question while diving deeper into the key differences between targeted attacks and opportunistic attacks.

Listen to Podcast

Listen, and discover these key takeaways:

  • An explanation of the key differences between targeted attacks and opportunistic attacks
  • How to know if you are vulnerable to a targeted attack
  • Essential action items you should take to build your resilience against opportunistic attacks
  • Helpful exercises you should perform to defend against a targeted attack

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