The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) permits users certain rights (referred to as “data subject access rights” or “DSARs” in the documentation) that organizations will need to be prepared to accommodate if they must comply with GDPR.

For organizations to be prepared to respond, it’s important to have a clear understanding of DSARs before you risk consuming too much time, money, and resources in efforts to remain compliant. In this podcast, LBMC Information Security’s Drew Hendrickson shares some considerations for how to prepare and respond when a customer chooses to request action on one of their new rights under GDPR.

Listen to Podcast

Listen, and discover these key takeaways:

  • An explanation of data subject access rights
  • A brief description of the eight data subject access rights
  • How to prepare to respond to data subject requests
  • How working with a privacy professional or performing data impact assessments can be a great place to start
  • Why organizational governing policies and procedures are essential for data subject requests under GDPR

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