A day in the life of a business leader: Your organization’s security needs are continually evolving — and so are regulatory requirements — making the it that much more challenging for businesses to manage data security risks.

The CEO wants alignment with an evolving business strategy and wants security teams to do more with less.

The head of Information Security wants more money and more staff. And there always seems to be a software package that promises to be the silver bullet.

Meanwhile we see new data breaches in the news almost daily. Clearly what we’re doing isn’t working.

That’s why we developed a webinar to help your leadership understand your organization’s threats, better manage it’s risk and ultimately adopt a new approach to data security.

Access recording here!

Join Thomas Lewis, LBMC Partner-in-charge of Information Security as he shares insights on :

  • Why we’re failing at security — including the human factor
  • A more holistic way to weigh data security threats and their business impacts
  • The lifecycle of information security by phase
  • Six security controls you must get right
  • How to assess your security controls maturity model