Chattanooga’s Innovative, Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Leader

The Client

The Plastic Surgery Group was founded in 1958 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The nationally-recognized group leads the way in innovative cosmetic, plastic, reconstructive, and hand surgery procedures. The surgeons maintain hospital credentialing as well as their own Tennessee Board of Health-accredited in-office surgical suites. Various skin care products and nonsurgical procedures, such as injectables, dermaplaning, and microneedling, are available with the practice’s aesthetic nurse. The Plastic Surgery Group is physician-owned and currently employs approximately 50 team members.

Aside from being Chattanooga’s first and largest plastic surgery practice, The Plastic Surgery Group stands apart from its competitors by boasting some of the most highly-trained surgeons in the United States. “Our surgeons are required to meet specific educational, training, and professional requirements, and they actively pursue continuing medical education and conduct research that has been featured in regional and national publications within their field,” says Becky Simpson, Practice Administrator at The Plastic Surgery Group. Additionally, The Plastic Surgery Group’s surgeons train resident physicians who are pursuing the specialties of both plastic and reconstructive surgery and orthopedic surgery.

The Opportunity

While Simpson had previously worked with LBMC Employment Partners in her role at another company and loved its services and personal approach, enlisting The Plastic Surgery Group with LBMC EP was a no-brainer. For more than a year now, LBMC EP has provided The Plastic Surgery Group with payroll, benefits, and general Human Resources services, and the partnership has been successful. “Having worked with LBMC EP previously, it was an easy choice. The LBMC EP team is comprised of outstanding and highly-skilled professionals who also provide a valuable personal touch to the business relationship,” affirms Simpson.

The Solution

What makes the relationship with LBMC EP so good? Simpson says, “We talk with and work with the same caring staff regularly, which helps us be able to work through issues much more quickly and efficiently, as we all have a good understanding of the people and expectations involved.” The Plastic Surgery Group also values LBMC EP’s accessibility and response time.

“With LBMC EP looking out for our needs, we don’t have to worry about onboarding staff, the time commitment of payroll, or the stress of payroll taxes,” says Simpson. Even more, The Plastic Surgery Group greatly appreciates how simple and seamless LBMC EP makes the benefits analysis and implementation process. For other employers who might be considering LBMC EP’s services, Simpson encourages, “You will be glad you have the LBMC EP team in your corner to find the best benefits for your employees, as well as making the Human Resources side of your business run smoothly.”