Offering High-Quality Legal Support and Cost-Effective Legal Results

The Client

Established in May of 1988 by Mr. Larry W. Cook, The Cook Law Office now primarily serves clients in the financial services industry and focuses on recovering money for its clients in the fastest way possible while also reducing delinquencies. In a typical month, The Cook Law Office files anywhere from 250 to 350 lawsuits in courts across Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, and Illinois. Mr. Cook operated as a sole practitioner for nearly 20 years in Russellville, Kentucky before moving the practice to Franklin, Tennessee and changing the practice’s focus entirely on collections for various finance companies in the area. A finance manager before he became an attorney, Mr. Cook knew the challenges of the financial services industry, which led him to focus on collections, and the business exploded. Mr. Cook eventually hired two more attorneys and multiple staff members. Since the firm changed its mission, revenues have consistently and substantially grown yearly. In January of 2017, Mr. Cook went into semi-retirement, and both Owen Compton and Brent Wilkins became partners that formed The Cook Law Office, PLLC. Today, The Cook Law Office is comprised of three attorneys and seven staff members and is located at a new facility in Northern Davidson County.

The Opportunity

The Cook Law Office’s typical client base comes from a bank or finance company. “We seek to provide a service unlike other law firms. We view our business as a service first and a law firm second,” says Owen Compton. This mentality is what eventually led The Cook Law Office to LBMC Employment Partners. The practice first heard about LBMC EP in December of 2015 and decided to reach out, as it was forming its PLLC and wanted to provide more benefits to its employees in addition to acquiring human resources services. “Once we met with LBMC EP, we were impressed with the staff and all the options they provide. The size of LBMC EP and the fact that they were well-established in the community were the key factors that made us want to choose them,” added Compton. The size of LBMC EP’s group of companies also offered significant savings to The Cook Law Office’s company for employee benefits.

The Solution

For the team at The Cook Law Office, the relationship with LBMC EP has been great. Compton affirms, “LBMC EP handles all payroll, benefits, and assistance with staffing issues. They are always responsive and willing to help with any question we have.” The Cook Law Office also values how LBMC EP’s staff is always willing to educate them on things they haven’t been exposed to, as well as guide them through to the end. “We have saved a lot of time by not having to worry about important key HR-related areas of the business. Instead, LBMC EP frees us up to focus on what we do best,” says Compton. For any small business that might be overwhelmed with administrative tasks, Compton encourages, “LBMC EP will help you maximize your time to focus on your business. It is worth the money to be free from worry that HR issues and needs will be handled correctly.”