Constructing Exceptional Buildings for Exceptional Companies

The Client

As a general contractor organization that builds everything from ground-up shopping centers to small-tenant up-fit remodels, Summit General Contractors, Inc. specifically specializes in commercial retail construction. Incorporated in 2008, the company is owned and led by president Steve Clark, who has maintained an impressive 30-plus year career in retail, commercial, and industrial construction, working for national retailers, commercial retail developers, and business owners, including serving as Vice President of Construction for Goody’s Family Clothing and Sun Belt General Contractors before branching out on his own. Summit General Contractors, Inc. currently employs approximately 20 individuals at any given time.

While there are many different general contractors who offer similar services, Summit General Contractors, Inc. is successful because of the vision Steve put in place when he first opened the company doors. “Our focus is delivering on-time, within-budget buildings. Communication with the owners and tenants is paramount to our success, and our motto is ‘You’re only as good as your last job.’ We say that to remind ourselves that it doesn’t matter how many times you have turned over a successful project, you can’t rest on your laurels. The next one must turn over on time and within budget as well,” says Tyler Trent, Controller at Summit General Contractors.

Servicing a diverse portfolio of clients from big-box retail companies to developers who are building shop space to small “mom and pop” outfits who need someone to build their space, a typical day at Summit is fast-paced. “We are usually running anywhere from 8 to 10 projects at a time, and there are a lot of moving parts,” affirms Trent.

The Opportunity

Summit General Contractors, Inc. was introduced to LBMC Employment Partners through a business partner of Clark, and they have partnered with LBMC EP since 2013. “LBMC is a true partner for Summit General Contractors. The top services they provide for us are payroll, affordable health insurance, and a 401(k) plan. They also provide wonderful human resource assistance for our company,” says Trent. When faced with the decision between LBMC EP and other HR outsourcing providers, Trent says, “LBMC EP is the total package. The customer service is wonderful, and they are a one-stop shop for everything you need, which makes them a true employment partner.”

The Solution

What makes the relationship with LBMC EP so good? Trent says, “LBMC EP just makes everything easy. They are always readily available to help with anything we need.” Summit also appreciates the professional, hands-on expertise LBMC EP’s team members provide, citing that the customer service is what keeps us coming back every year. “Whether we are reaching out to our HR manager, our payroll processor, or anyone else, the response is immediate. What I love most is that LBMC EP’s professionals aren’t afraid to tell you they aren’t sure about something. They do not hesitate to say, ‘I’m not sure, but I will go find the answer and get back to you promptly.’ It’s hard to quantify how refreshing that is. And, for the record, they always come back with sound and solid advice,” affirms Trent.

As HR and payroll duties can be exhausting for many companies, Summit values the many ways LBMC EP eases the burden and makes those tasks easier for all parties involved. This allows Summit’s team to focus on the many important aspects of running a successful construction company. “LBMC EP also makes it possible for a small- to medium-sized company to offer great benefits to its employees,” says Trent. For organizations on the fence about outsourcing their HR services, Trent encourages, “If you’re anything like us, change can be hard. You get so accustomed to the daily grind and routine that it can be difficult to sit down and listen to a new pitch. I would encourage other companies to take the time to sit down and talk with LBMC EP. It is worth your time, and you’ll be amazed at all they can offer.”