Helping patients get healthy and stay healthy. 

The Client

Celebrating four years of operation in 2018, JourneyPure provides addiction treatment services through innovative therapies, wellness strategies, and technological tools that lead to a lifelong support system and a focus on a full continuum of care. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, JourneyPure has addiction treatment facilities in Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee and currently employs around 400 of the best and brightest psychiatrists, primary care physicians, nurses, therapists, and support staff in the addiction industry.“We help people become healthy and stay healthy, and the end goal is for them to return to work and stay employed,” says Kevin Lee, JourneyPure’s Co-Founder and CEO. Every JourneyPure patient is afforded a psychiatrist and a primary care physician to address both addiction and mental illness, which is a key differentiator of the organization. As a great majority of addiction patients go through relapse, JourneyPure’s outcomes have a high success rate, with more than 70 percent of patients from the last the last six months being sober.

The Opportunity

From its beginning, JourneyPure enlisted the assistance of outsourcing solutions organization, W Squared, as it maintained continuous growth. “I began working with Tammy Wolcott, W Squared’s CEO, in 2007. A friend’s referral is what led me to W Squared, and I saw great results,” affirms Lee. As the HR/Payroll/Benefits team of W Squared was recently acquired by LBMC Employment Partners, JourneyPure’s relationship continues to experience the same great results, while LBMC Employment Partners provides them HR-related services, including accounting, information systems support, and more.

The Solution

When it comes to LBMC Employment Partners’ services for JourneyPure, Lee says, “LBMC EP’s team is very efficient and responsive. Not only do they provide quality work, they are efficient and quick to resolve any issues we might experience along the way.” Lee is grateful for the ways in which LBMC EP’s team helps educate JourneyPure’s employees on HR issues, solve problems, and learn from challenges and mistakes without repeating them. “With so many modern-day HR legal issues and regulations, LBMC EP provides reliable and competent solutions,” encourages Lee. For companies on the search for an HR outsourcing partner, Lee adds, “It’s hard to find the depth of skill and proven results for the value of services you’ll experience with LBMC EP.”