Providing Trusted Roofing Solutions for Commercial and Residential Projects

The Client

Founded in Memphis, Tennessee, in July of 1971 by John J. Campbell, Sr. and John J. Campbell, II after many years of experience in the roofing industry, John J. Campbell Co., Inc. is a commercial roofing contractor with a trusted reputation of successfully installing roofing and sheet metal on numerous commercial and industrial projects. Camco Roofing Supplies, Inc., birthed in July of 1978, is a retail wholesale roofing and siding sales company, and both businesses are owned by John J. Campbell, III. Forty-seven years since the inception of John J. Campbell Co, Inc., both companies combined now employ 195 individuals. John J. Campbell Co., Inc. primarily serves commercial contractors and property management companies, while Camco Roofing Supplies, Inc. serves residential roofing companies and suppliers. As for a typical day at these companies, Linda Moore, Vice-President of Finance for John J. Campbell Co., Inc. says, “Both businesses stay very busy and in high demand, whether it be installing commercial roofs for contractors or delivering and selling top-quality roofing materials.”

The Opportunity

John J. Campbell Co., Inc. and Camco Roofing Supplies, Inc. discovered LBMC Employment Partners through a reference from an insurance agent they were working alongside. The companies have since been working with LBMC EP for almost two years now.

LBMC EP provides Human Resources services and weekly and semi-monthly payroll processing services to John J. Campbell Co., Inc. and Camco Roofing Supplies, Inc. In addition, LBMC EP also assists both companies with preparing all necessary payroll taxes, as well as Forms 1094/1095 for ACA compliance. As for what made them choose LBMC EP over another HR outsourcing service provider, Moore says, “Not only did we highly trust the recommendation of our insurance agent, LBMC EP’s price point for their quality of services was hard to beat.”

The Solution

What makes the relationship with LBMC EP so good? Moore affirms, “LBMC EP’s excellent customer service continually shines and is a major reason we enjoy partnering with them. LBMC EP has improved our business workflow by keeping our companies compliant with HR regulations. They have saved our employees so much time by preparing tax forms and giving us the information we need to open new tax accounts when necessary.” For other companies who are on the hunt for HR outsourcing services, John J. Campbell Co., Inc. and Camco Roofing Supplies, Inc. would highly recommend LBMC EP. “Excellent customer service combined with vast human resources knowledge are two major reasons other companies should consider partnering with LBMC EP,” says Moore. “They can also effectively implement their payroll system with yours to keep things functioning and moving smoothly in the transition,” she adds.