Helping Businesses Create their Stories and Achieve their Goals 

The Client

Launched in 2012 by Owner and Chief Strategist Samantha Pyle, Green Apple Strategy is a full-service, strategic marketing firm based in Franklin, Tennessee. Green Apple’s growing roster of clients includes a strong focus on service-oriented companies in a wide variety of industries. With proven experience in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer scenarios, the Green Apple team creates results-based, content-rich, effective inbound and outbound marketing approaches for brands to reach their target audiences, which includes a mix of both traditional and digital marketing efforts from content marketing, email marketing, event planning, SEO, and PPC, just to name a few. Green Apple prides itself on being accessible and industry-agnostic, diving in with each client to become experts in their fields.

With a career background in multiple businesses and marketing agencies, Pyle began to observe several factors in the marketing industry that led her to dream of better ways to do marketing. After witnessing layoffs and high turnover rates throughout the industry, she started to develop the idea of creating a small core marketing team, supported by a larger creative team of freelancers. “As a business leader, something that keeps you up at night is worrying about people keeping their jobs and being able to provide for their families, and that’s hard to control when you work for an agency. I established Green Apple Strategy because of this—realizing you can keep creatives on a freelance model and a core team on retainer work,” Pyle explains. Six years later, Green Apple has grown to a core team of 5 full-time employees and a growing team of creative freelancers.

The continued growth Green Apple has experienced has also led to the creation and launch of The Orchard House, a creative meeting space for organizations across Tennessee and Northern Alabama to gather and grow through company retreats, brainstorming sessions, team trainings, presentations, meetings, and more—all of which can be facilitated by the Green Apple team.

The Opportunity

How did the relationship with LBMC Employment Partners begin? “Before Green Apple hired LBMC EP, they were our client as we were and still are their marketing agency,” says Pyle, whose employees were working on a contract basis at the beginning of the EP relationship. “As we learned more about the renowned reputation from LBMC EP’s clients and the consistent, quality work they deliver, the trust process began to grow on our side, too,” affirms Pyle. That mutual trust and understanding eventually led to Green Apple becoming a part of LBMC EP’s Professional Employer Organization (PEO). “Before they even knew it, LBMC EP was helping me craft and evolve the Green Apple vision for the future. When the time was right, they helped me know and understand when to take my contractors to full time employees and we became part of the PEO,” she adds.

Green Apple officially enlisted LBMC EP’s PEO services in January of 2017, and the LBMC EP team has been vital in analyzing Green Apple’s business needs, offering the team consultation on any HR-related and employee benefits inquiries, implementing payroll, handling payroll taxes, employee onboarding, employee handbooks, and more. “It’s comforting to know that Green Apple’s employees can reach out to our HR Manager, Mary Catherine Alcorn, when HR-related questions arise. She’s always quick to respond, and that’s been so rewarding to both myself and the team. I feel like we’ve worked together for years,” says Pyle.

What made Green Apple choose LBMC EP over another HR outsourcing provider? Pyle explains, “As LBMC EP’s marketing agency, you may be thinking that it’s obvious we would choose them over another HR provider. And, to be honest, after doing competitive analysis all day for LBMC EP, we wouldn’t have thought twice about another provider. We know better than anybody that you should use LBMC EP. We can’t market something that’s broken. Especially since we work with predominantly service providers.”

The Solution

When asked why the relationship with LBMC EP is so good, Pyle says, “I don’t know how companies like ours do it without a PEO. I think many people don’t know what a PEO is and how it can help your run your business. And, for those who do know, some might feel like they must relinquish control of important business tasks, but I don’t feel that way at all. In fact, I feel at peace knowing that my payroll taxes are paid, payroll is managed, and cost effective benefits are available to my employees.” As someone whose business has been built around outsourcing, it was easy for Pyle to have comfort in the process. LBMC EP handles the important HR issues so she can run and grow her business.

For other businesses considering LBMC EP’s services, Pyle says, “I don’t know why you’re continuing to press on without a PEO or HR provider. I probably made the decision about 9 months too late.” While Green Apple has evolved as a small business, LBMC EP has been a part of the process that has helped its revenues double and productivity increase. LBMC EP’s role in freeing up space for Pyle to grow and run the business has also been instrumental in helping The Orchard House vision become a reality. Pyle affirms, “With LBMC EP’s PEO, the value for the price is worth any worry I ever had along the way as a small business owner.”