Helping Patients Breathe Easier and Live Life to the Fullest

The Client

As two businesses that operate under one umbrella, BreatheAmerica provides its patients with one location where allergists, rhinologists, pulmonologists, and airway specialists are at their fingertips and ready to treat any and all breathing issues or symptoms. “While many patients with breathing problems might be referred to an allergist who might then refer them to a pulmonologist or another specialist—all offering quick fixes to breathing symptoms—the BreatheAmerica difference is found under one roof with an extensive care plan that offers real, long-term solutions to one’s specific airway conditions,” says Mike Skiera, BreatheAmerica’s President and CEO. BreatheAmerica’s other business is an infusion therapy business throughout Tennessee and Northwest Arkansas called Precision Healthcare.

Established in 2009, BreatheAmerica has treatment centers located in Shreveport, Louisiana and Albuquerque, New Mexico, but they accept patients from all across the United States. The company also acquired Precision Healthcare in the late 2000s, which bridges the gap between home and hospital infusion services, offering patients a comfortable, convenient, and cost-conscious infusion service located within its centers, as well as home infusion services in Tennessee and Northwest Arkansas. BreatheAmerica employs approximately 150 employees through its airway centers, infusion centers, and home office. Skiera adds, “At BreatheAmerica, we pride ourselves in being very patient-centric. We try to get the diagnosis right during a patient’s initial visit, getting them back to the lives they want to live—lives of feeling good again.”

The Opportunity

BreatheAmerica’s partnership with LBMC Employment Partners began with a prior relationship with W Squared. When LBMC EP recently acquired W Squared’s HR/Payroll/Benefits team, BreatheAmerica made the decision to continue outsourcing its payroll and other HR-related needs with the LBMC EP team. BreatheAmerica has now been working with LBMC EP for 8 years, and the relationship remains strong. “One individual team member can provide an excellent impression about the entire organization, and working with LBMC EP’s Donna Schilling has been a big part of why we continue to maintain our wonderful partnership,” Skiera adds.

The Solution

What makes the relationship with LBMC EP so good? Skiera explains, “LBMC EP’s reputation has impressed me for many years. They offer a broad and deep expertise in the offerings they provide companies, especially for smaller to mid-size companies who might not be able to support themselves fully in HR.” BreatheAmerica’s workflow has also seen noticeable improvement since working with the team, as LBMC EP frees their leaders to focus on running and growing their business, while HR-related tasks are being handled with trust.

BreatheAmerica is continually pleased at the level of care and attentiveness they receive from Donna and her colleagues at LBMC EP. “LBMC EP doesn’t just start telling us what we need. They listen to our unique needs and then apply their knowledge and skills to those particular areas of focus,” says Skiera. For other businesses considering LBMC EP’s services, Skiera encourages taking a good look at all the company offers. “LBMC EP will listen to you, learn about your company culture, and then apply their expertise and knowledge to help your business run smoothly.”