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LBMC elevates businesses to new heights by providing a full spectrum of professional services using real-world expertise. By partnering with us, you get experts who know how to conquer your compliance and accounting challenges, as well as access to the vast resources of the LBMC Family of Companies, which we customize to meet your needs. LBMC is simply the go-to-solution for your business dilemmas.

At LBMC, we serve clients from a variety of industries with in-depth expertise in each field. Our performance keeps our clients with us year after year.


Supporting the largest consumer of products and services in the world is a serious undertaking, and one we execute with aplomb thanks to the vast resources of the LBMC Family of Companies.

The government sector faces unique challenges to ensure transparency while managing large, diverse volumes of content and balancing customer satisfaction. Unlike private and public business organizations, the government sector is challenged by increasing turbulence and shrinking budgets. We know trying to manage all this at once can be time-consuming, costly and overwhelming. With an outstanding reputation in the CMS world, LBMC serves our federal and state clientele with unparalleled expertise in maintaining compliance with security frameworks.


Insurance is a competitive industry, with prospective customers selecting and staying with the company that can respond to their needs quickly and consistently. To compete successfully and operate more efficiently, insurance companies must be mobile, insightful, and able to respond quickly. To attract and retain capable agents, insurance companies must provide tools to make their job faster and more convenient. The insurance companies that are winning the market deploy technologies to make it easier and faster to work with and for them. LBMC Technology Solutions provides a variety of IT tools to achieve the efficiency gains insurers and agents seek.


We serve not-for-profit organizations that include: private schools, religious organizations and churches, health and human services, trade organizations, and colleges and universities.

Not-for-profits face unique challenges in running their organizations. Ensuring the proper stewardship of funds, providing disparate audiences (employees, volunteers, and board members) with access to financial information, and allocating cash must be juggled daily – all while operating on a smaller budget. These should be done as efficiently as possible to allow you to focus on your mission. Our expertise in not-for-profits translates to saving money on software and infrastructure, and faster and more industry-appropriate implementation of solutions.

Privately-Owned and Family-Owned Companies

Since the beginning of our firm in 1984, our foundation has been working with privately-owned businesses and their owners. LBMC’s Privately-Owned Companies team is comprised of experienced, senior-level professionals with a reputation for delivering practical and solution driven advice to our clients. We currently serve nearly 1,500 companies from start-up through growth to succession.

When family members are intertwined in business, it can be the best of both worlds, or it can lead to difficult conversations. LBMC’s experience working with family-owned businesses has allowed us to develop a unique and integrated process that combines financial analysis, valuation, transition, tax planning, compensation planning and estate and gifting strategies to help company leadership reach goals for the businesses–as well as family.

Public Companies

LBMC has more than 30 years of experience serving publicly traded companies. Crossing a wide range of industries and company sizes, our financial expertise puts the accent on profit to the delight of corporate execs and shareholders alike. Leveraging resources from the LBMC Family of Companies allows us to combine and customize services that speak specifically to your needs and especially to your bottom line.

Sports and Entertainment

Win at the business of sports and entertainment by understanding your customers, personalizing your message, streamlining vendor interaction, and managing your sales. For the consumer, sports and entertainment may be “just for fun,” but as the decision maker in these industries, you know they are all business. The Sports and Entertainment industries recognize the importance of Customer Relationship Management, big data, the need for systems integration, and the importance of automation. Our LBMC team can guide you through the maze of solutions to help you determine the best path for you.


Today’s economic environment demands that utility companies have proactive and creative strategies for maximizing revenue collections and minimizing debt. LBMC has vast experience with audit, tax, human resources, security as well as technologies such as cloud computing, big data analytics, customer relationship management and mobility. Working with LBMC enables your utility business to keep up in this newly changed world.