Technology Careers

Our LBMC technology professionals serve various client types across five key areas. These include:

  • LBMC Technology Solutions
  • LBMC Information Security
  • CyberMaxx
  • Ballast
  • LBMC, PC (Internal IS team)

LBMC Companies Offering Technology Careers

LBMC Technology Solutions offers comprehensive computer networking services, cloud computing, business software, business intelligence, and custom software development for our clients. Whether you are helping our clients improve business processes, installing and training users on software, or managing a network, you are helping our clients build their business by leveraging technology.

LBMC Information Security serves as a strategic partner in security consulting for clients. Security risk assessment is essential for any business, and protecting sensitive data and systems is paramount to the continued success of our clients. Our team ensures network security and compliance with complex laws and regulations to build value for organizations across a variety of industries.

CyberMaxx serves as an extension of your company. Equipped with a 24/7/365 security operations center and a team of leading cybersecurity experts, our managed security services were designed to help you increase compliance, eliminate talent shortages, and keep your organization out of the headlines and enable you to become the security leader you strive to be.

Ballast offers a feature-rich, cloud-based, web application that simplifies and automates the security risk assessment process for organizations. The Ballast team and software makes the process easier and more effective by providing management with data points about client risks and facilitating a roadmap to improve the organization’s security while documenting the progress and outcomes.

Internal IS is charged with all technical initiatives and support for the LBMC family of companies. Working on either the Help Desk or Systems Engineering teams, our IT department is committed to the swift resolution of IT issues. They understand the needs of our businesses and recommend new technology solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

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