During a recent internal discussion, we focused on the rising need for technology developers, particularly in the space of healthcare. There is a healthcare boom, and technology is playing a huge part. Healthcare IT is one of the fastest growing industries. 

Technology is reshaping the way we do everything. Developers are listed in the top 10 jobs for 2019 by U.S. News and World Report. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment of technology developers will rise 31% over the next seven years. This is compared to 7% for all other occupations.

The data tells the story, this industry is in high demand and companies find it challenging to hire the experts they need. There is a considerable amount of research that highlights what this industry wants when looking for their place of employment. Through the work of LBMC, we have found key drivers that influence the candidate to not only want to accept your offer, but they will remain loyal and engaged in your organization.

Challenge me:  Developers want to be a part of innovation. They like to solve problems and have a positive impact on well-respected brands who are purpose driven. They need to understand how their work will impact the company, and they like to feel connected, trusted and recognized.

They chose this field because they want to be a part of the most significant new technology that creates efficiencies and makes a difference. Give them a voice within the company, that creates a feeling of connection and loyalty.

Career Growth: Work with them to create a path to grow within the company. Employees want to know that a plan is in place for career advancement.

Unique Benefits: Like all industries, the benefits package is a big deciding factor when choosing to accept a position. Technology experts are looking outside the box and are not enticed by traditional benefits.

Companies are offering incentives such as free childcare, six months and more for maternity and paternity leave, unlimited PTO and sick time, sabbaticals and healthcare centers. They are creating a place of work that takes care of the whole person and allows them time to rejuvenate and be their best self.

Flexible Work Options: There are currently 6.1 million people who work remotely in the U.S, and the numbers are rising. Flexible work options are becoming the norm, and to developers, this is a critical decision maker when accepting an offer. They want the opportunity to work remotely in addition to having flexible work hours. Office collaboration is significant to the success of projects, and I suggest looking at two days a week of working remotely with flexible hours on office days.

We are even seeing companies who offer hoteling, which is a great way to provide your employees with a comfortable place to work when they are in the office, but not having them come in every day. This also helps to reduce the amount of office space needed.

Office Culture: Look at your office space. Is it designed with a creative feel? Or is it dull and boring? Developers are creators, and they want to work in an environment that helps them innovate. They enjoy being in spaces that make it easy to be collaborative while feeling relaxed and casual. If you can, providing a “fun” snack area for employees is a definite perk. It gives a place for team networking and keeps them fueled to continue their work of making your business grow. 

The need to hire and retain high caliber technology developers is going to continue, especially with the growth in technology, specifically the needs in healthcare. Companies must adapt, or they will find it more difficult to employ top talent. These developers want to get paid well for the work they do, and the company culture and environment are essential. The companies that do this well will hire the best which will ultimately have a positive impact on their bottom line. 

For more information email Sherrie Whatton at swhatton@lbmc.com or give her a call at 615.309.2428.