Microsoft no longer invests in the development or enhancement of Management Reporter for GP (or SL). This means that no new functionality or “large features” will be added.  Microsoft has stated that: 

  • Management Reporter is the preferred financial reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, and SL.
  • Management Reporter will continue to be supported through the lifecycle of the ERP versions it ships with.

For the many Dynamics GP or SL clients, who may be experiencing issues with Management Reporter or even still using MR’s predecessor, FRx, the question is, “What’s next?”

Microsoft Dynamics GP users have three options:

  1. Continue to use Management Reporter with its current functionality
  2. Migrate to Jet Reports, the solution Microsoft has established a relationship with in order to support existing clients.
  3. Migrate to a different third-party reporting software such as BI360, Adaptive Insights, or Prophix.

Continuing with Management Reporter (or even FRx)

Microsoft will continue to support the product, but nothing will be added or improved upon. This means what you have today is what you will continue to have. If this works for you, great! However, if you are currently experiencing issues with Management Reporter, or its functionality does not meet your needs, please continue to read.

Migrate to Jet Reports

Jet Reports offers three functionality models with associated pricing. 

  1. Jet Express for Excel with Dynamics GP is a no-cost extension included with Microsoft Dynamics GP to give users a simple way to create basic reports and business queries. 
  2. Jet Professional is a flexible financial and business reporting solution inside Excel that allows Dynamics users to get the operational data they need in a format that works for them. 
  3. Jet Enterprise is a corporate analytics and reporting platform that delivers fast and flexible dashboards and financial reports in Excel and online. 

Migrate to a Reporting Software such as BI360

  1. BI360 is an Excel add-in that allows you to build reports with drag-and-drop simplicity and out-of-the-box integration with Dynamics GP (or SL), as well as other major ERP systems.
  2. BI360 has live integrations to all Dynamics GP modules natively.
  3. BI360 can turn your reports into input forms with minimal work and then provide the forms to your managers in Excel format.

Assistance with Exploring your Options

The beauty of technology is that it is constantly changing to stay relevant for your industry or vertical. Luckily, LBMC is always available to assist you with navigating the future of your financial reporting needs. We offer experience with many financial reporting packages that are compatible with Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL. Depending on your needs, it may be a good idea to invest in one of these solutions to bring enhancements and additional functionality to your Dynamics program.

LBMC Technology Solutions is happy to help you assess your needs and implement a solution. 

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