You might be the most qualified person for your dream job, but without a compelling resume to show your experience and talents, chances are you are not going to get the interview you wanted.

Our recruiters at LBMC Staffing look at dozens of resumes daily. They know exactly how your resume should look to get the interview you want. That’s why we have created a resume template for you. Each resume is different because each person is different. With that said, these are a few things to keep in mind: Your professional experience is going to determine the length of the resume. A good rule of thumb: for every 10 years of experience, one page. If it’s not relevant*, don’t include it. If applying to a specific job, choose strong verbs and keywords to make your skills stand out for that position. Keep it short. No one has the time to read boring descriptions. Include military experience, if applicable.

Once you have your resume ready, go to our job postings page and apply for your next job.

Download the Resume Template (Microsoft Word)

* Relevant experience means you should only include the experience that pertains to your career. Don’t include your years working as a waiter/waitress.