You just hired your dream employee. They have all the right skills and are excited to be there.

Do you have an onboarding process in place or are your new hires left to sink or swim?  

It’s important to have an action plan in place to help new hires adjust to their new position and get off to a good start. A good plan should help new hires:

  • Acclimate to the workplace (both personal workspace and location of common areas like break rooms, etc.)
  • Get acquainted with who does what in the organization
  • Understand the company and what it does
  • Identify the company’s core mission and values
  • Learn the systems and duties required for the job

 Along with the initial plan, which should be made available day one, there should also be parameters set to follow up on a 30/60/90 day basis or to have “mentors” in place to help identify if someone may be struggling.

Good employees are happy employees. Enjoying a new workplace and “fitting in” can be critical to a new hire. Create a buddy system and have someone help them acclimate socially, introduce them to others, or invite them to join a group for lunch or social activity, etc. By having a solid onboarding plan in place, you are not only setting up a new hire for a great start, but you are making it easier on yourself and the team by managing expectations for everyone.