Taxpayers often must provide IRS tax forms to lenders, colleges and other third parties for non-tax purposes. 

To better protect taxpayer data, the IRS has announced a new format for online individual tax transcripts that will redact personally identifiable information from the Form 1040 series. The changes will begin on Sept. 23, 2018. 

The following information will be provided on the new transcript:

  • Last 4 digits of any SSN listed on the transcript: XXX-XX-1234
  • Last 4 digits of any EIN listed on the transcript: XX-XXX-1234
  • Last 4 digits of any account or telephone number
  • First 4 characters of the last name for any individual
  • First 4 characters of a business name
  • First 6 characters of the street address, including spaces
  • All money amounts, including balance due, interest and penalties

With the financial entries remaining visible, taxpayers and third parties will have the data they need for tax preparation or income verification. 

Taxpayers will be able to create a customer file number to use as an identifier instead of using a taxpayer’s Social Security number. The Customer File Number listed on the 4506-T will automatically be posted and visible on the tax transcript, allowing the third party to match the document to the taxpayer. 

For the full release, reference IR-2018-171.

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