Customer relationships are crucial to your organization's health and growth, and it is imperative that they are managed as efficiently as possible. CRM Systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce can help your organization become more connected to your customers, improving your business performance and maximize growth.

Sales and Marketing departments realize that 2018 is the year of the customer. It is incredibly important to have a CRM system in place if you want to effectively manage your client’s experience. Read on to find out how an effective CRM system can improve your sales and marketing strategies

CRM helps you find the right customers.

Your team spends countless hours attracting and generating new leads, but what comes after that? It’s important to track the experience of the customer by making the most of your marketing tools. This provides both sales and marketing a complete view of the leads and prospects to further fine-tune communications to turn prospects into customers.

Once a prospect is turned to a customer, your CRM system is designed to provide you with a complete view of your customer, ensuring your team has access to the same information as each other in real-time. It is important to track the historical touchpoints with each client, including emails, calls, order history and payment information. This ensures your organization has a harmonized, customer-first approach across the business, no matter who your customers are working with at the time.

CRM helps you build more sustainable relationships.

As we mentioned above, with 2018 being the “year of the customer”, customer loyalty and building lasting relationships are increasingly important. And when you acknowledge that retaining new customers costs five times less than seeking new ones, it really is a win-win situation.

It’s important to find out what matters to your customers — their goals, challenges, and preferences — at the end of every exchange and make sure your team employs a follow-up activity. Recording these notes in CRM is important, so your team can pick up right where the last left off, creating a seamless customer experience.

CRM can help you explore your client’s challenges, engage with relevancy to make appropriate recommendations and provide information that is relevant to their business interests at the right time.

CRM helps you automate your email marketing

There are so many platforms available that can help automate your email marketing, which can be easily integrated with your CRM system. The key is to look for a CRM system that can automatically separate your customers based on criteria such as customer type, contact status or buying history, and then use this information together with a powerful email marketing platform that can instantly populate target lists based on initial categorization.

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