Jenny Merritt, CPA Senior Manager, Audit 

Years at LBMC: 13 Years


Jenny majored in accounting at Belmont University. During her senior year, she attended a job fair where she was introduced to LBMC; she joined the firm after graduation. After five years, she decided to a pursue a recruiting career and joined another company, where she filled accounting positions until 2008. When the economic decline led to a restructuring of her role, Jenny realized she missed her friendships and employee benefit plan work and rejoined LBMC in the fall of 2008.

Current Role

Jenny spends her time on employee benefit plan audits, including 401(k), pension, and health and welfare plans, and she works with companies across all industries. She looks forward to teaching the annual employee benefit training program to the audit department every year.

Most Important Thing to Know

For employee benefit plans, the plan document describes the terms and conditions related to the operation and administration of the plan. When asked for the best advice to companies when operating and managing their employee benefit plan, Jenny says, “Make sure the participants’ wishes are being met. Follow your summary plan description and plan documents — the Bible of employee benefits plans.” If companies aren’t keeping their promises to participants, there can be huge legal issues.

Why LBMC Stands Out

Jenny realized early on that LBMC is a special company, which is why she eventually came back. LBMC goes the extra mile to get to know clients on a personal level. Clients not only turn to LBMC as a trusted advisor and confidant, but they also see LBMC employees as friends.

Unique Factors of the Work Environment

“The family-oriented culture and friendships I made brought me back,” she says. Jenny and her co-workers gather quarterly, if not more often, outside of the office. “Getting to know colleagues and having them as close friends makes it much more enjoyable to walk into the office.” Jenny also points out the flexibility is much appreciated; she is able to work a flex schedule so she can take care of her family.


Jenny is the mom of two sons and she’s constantly running around Nashville to their basketball and baseball practices and games! Good thing she’s running around so much, because one of her life goals is to run a half marathon. In Jenny’s spare time, she volunteers at her sons’ school and is the treasurer for the South Cheatham Little League.