Name: Britt Cumbie
Title: Director of Contract Accounting Services
Joined LBMC Staffing Solutions: January 2005

Background: Britt majored in accounting at the University of Texas at Austin. As a part of a five-year program, Britt graduated in 1995 with his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Master’s Degree in Professional Accounting, and soon earned his CPA license. After graduating from UT-Austin, Britt joined KPMG, a Big Four firm. After KPMG, he served in financial leadership positions at various private and public companies. His last position before joining LBMC was as an assistant controller. The company he worked for in this position was relocating to Connecticut, and through the transition process, Britt was able to work with many recruiting firms. As Britt was not interested in moving to Connecticut, he began deciding his next career move. Taking a personality assessment, Britt found that he wasn’t your “typical accountant” and was actually well-suited for a career in recruiting. Through a series of events, Britt was offered an opportunity to serve as a recruiter at LBMC. He hasn’t looked back.

Current Role: Britt's current role is the Director of Contract Accounting Services. He manages a team of contract recruiters whose duty is to find resources and talent for temporary or temporary-to-permanent positions. With his background, Britt and his team specialize in accounting and finance. The positions that Britt and his team recruit range from bookkeepers, staff accountants, senior accountants, or interim CFOs.

Why LBMC Stands Out: When asked why LBMC stands out among similar companies, Britt effortlessly answers, “Our strength is in our people, our entrepreneurial spirit, and our willingness to venture into new territory. We are creative, and if we identify any client problems, we look for the most efficient way to solve those problems. Everything ties back to our mission statement — we are here to solve our clients’ problems and make their lives easier.” In the staffing group, Britt and his team do the same: taking a consultative approach, identifying any staffing issues clients may have, and solving these issues. “Our culture and our people really make us stand out. Compared to other firms, we are very focused on taking care of our clients. We are always thinking about what we can do to help our clients, and if we can take care of our clients, then the rest takes care of itself,” Britt continues.

Unique Factors of Work Environment: Britt believes the leadership team is what makes LBMC stand out; how they truly care about everyone who works for LBMC, and they offer constant opportunities for development, which is important to Britt. If that weren’t enough, the tenure of Britt’s team is incredible. He’s been at LBMC over 11 years, and he’s got the least tenure on his team, which says something about how wonderful LBMC develops their staff.

Personal: Britt has been married for more than 20 years to his wife Kathy. They have a daughter. When Britt isn’t in the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, watching his daughter swim, or traveling the world. Britt and his family also enjoy the outdoors, attending concerts, and soaking up the rich culture of Music City! Britt is active in the community as well. In addition to his church, he is involved in Every Girl Counts, a nonprofit that provides girls with educational opportunities, and Graceworks, a local Williamson County charity that assists those less fortunate.