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Outsourcing Business Processes for Innovation

Are there business processes that cause you constant distractions or consume too much of your time? Outsourcing might be the solution needed to keep focused on innovation. Here are four ideas as you explore outsourcing.

Manufacturers – What’s your company’s budgeting process?

You’re more likely to have an emotional investment in your annual budget and work harder to achieve your company’s goals if your mindset is creating budget that aligns with your goals and competition.

Prevent Church Fraud with Better Internal Controls

A majority of perpetrators of church fraud are first-time offenders without a criminal history, and most are long-time employees of the church. This article gives tips on how to protect the church’s resources and improve financial oversight.

Gifts to Employees – Taxable Income or Nontaxable Gift?

Gifts to employees are a traditional way to thank people important to your business, but the IRS says certain types of gifts are taxable, and following the rules can prevent a spoiler later.

Follow IRS rules for holiday gift giving

If you run a business and your good cheer includes giving gifts to employees or customers, the IRS has been thinking about you. Here is a brief guide to the rules.

ESOPs Offer Business Owners Tax-Efficient Exit Strategy

An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) can help owners of closely held corporations who are approaching retirement age balance conflicting goals. This article talks about potential tax and other benefits of ESOPs.

Livestock – Depreciate? Inventory? Sell?

Livestock held primarily for sale by for-profit farmers must be included in inventory. However, livestock held for draft, breeding, or dairy purposes can either be included in inventory or depreciated. Learn more.

A Review of Charitable Donations Under TCJA

Charitable contributions are one of the few deductions enhanced under the Act. If you keep in mind the various rules and limits, charitable giving can continue to play a key role in your tax planning.

Accountable Plans Can Save You Taxes

This article discusses the basics of accountable plans. What are the requirements? What are the alternatives? How do you set up an accountable plan? Read this article for Accountable Plans 101.