Guide to Medical Services Organizations (MSO)

Get the complete picture of how MSO can transform your healthcare practice. Our 20-page brochure explains all of the services available.


5 Traits of a better-performing practice in 2018

Physicians should focus on strategic planning, new affiliation models, outsourcing opportunities, culture, and IT solutions for a better-performing practice.


MSOs Give Physicians Time to Do What They Do Best

More and more practices are turning to Medical Services Organizations (MSOs), which perform the “back office” functions for physician practices on an outsourced basis.


How Not to Lose a Claim Denial

As you know, a denied claim can hurt a physician practice significantly. The good news is that there are ways you can avoid future denials.


Best Practices for Oncology Co-Management Arrangements

Oncology co-management arrangements are becoming more and more popular. Learn the best practices for these arrangements and what they can do for you.


4 Key Financial Metrics for Physician Practice Success

The sooner a physician gets paid, the more that payment is worth. Monitor your metrics for a healthier bottom line.


Podcast: LBMC’s MSO Solution Serves Practice Management

CW Hall recently hosted an Executive Roundtable joined by Andrew McDonald, Tammy Wolcott and Ron Perry to discuss Medical Services Organization (MSO) services for hospitals and health systems.


Physician Employment Alternatives

Employing physicians can be a great strategy to align interests by enhancing referral patterns and building loyalty, but this may not always be the case.


Operating without a Manual

Many hospitals are turning to outside organizations to guide them in the development and management of their post-acute care (PAC) strategy.


Why are Open Post-Acute Care Networks More Effective than Closed?

Do you know the differences between having an open versus closed referral network? This is why an open post-acute network is vital.