A highly skilled workforce, given opportunities to use their talents, will use their creative abilities to drive your organization’s profits higher. So, what can you do to cultivate your employees’ talents and encourage them to use their creative abilities in their work?

Gain More From Your Employees’ Talents

1. Know and understand them.

This is obviously going to take some time, but it’s critical to know each one of your employees and associates. Knowing and understanding their talents, strengths, weaknesses, interests and ambitions will help your team. The more you know about each individual the better you can match jobs and assignments to individuals who will do those best.

2. Lift them up.

Watch for individuals who are likely to outgrow their jobs, or who have outgrown their jobs. Know what motivates them, what they like doing. Based on what you learn, assign special projects to them and look for ways to give them more challenges.

3. Encourage teamwork.

The different talents employees bring to a project are like grit that polishes all the employees’ skills. People working together can bring out the best in everyone.

4. Matchup supporting talents and strengths.

Know the differing strengths and weaknesses of all employees, and put employees with different — and supporting — talents and strengths on the same teams or working together in the same departments.

5. Adopt skill-based pay.

Link pay increases to an employee’s mastering new and different job skills that add value to the employee’s presence in your workplace.

6. Offer an education benefit.

Employees are inspired to take job-related college courses when you offer to pay tuition. With more educational and training experiences the employees become more valuable to you and to the team.

7. Push power down.

Disperse power and decision-making down, out and around in your workforce or staff. Encourage employees and associates to make decisions, follow through on their decisions, and accept responsibility for their decisions. The more responsibility you give an individual — and the recognition that goes with the responsibility — the more likely the person is to contribute their best to you and to their team.